DEED bags was born in November 2017, when I realized a long-held dream to combine my great love of the environment, sewing, fashion and philanthropy. After a break of some 20 years from sewing, I designed and made a unique planet-friendly tote bag with pockets, which could be re-used for shopping, travel and general use – dovetailing with the world-wide effort to eliminate plastic bags. The aim has always been to use natural fibre fabrics, including those sourced as factory deadstock, off-cuts and end-of-runs, along with vintage fabrics – saving them from landfill.

$1 from each DEED bag sold + 100% of my Instagram charity bag auctions each year, is donated to the children’s education charity Ardoch.

Personally, I’ve been challenged and humbled in equal measure by several discerning customers who have placed their faith in me to handcraft Bespoke DEED bags – such as those to match the covers of newly published novels, or silhouettes of precious family pets.

From humble beginnings, DEED bags has grown to encompass ten Collections sewn from many different fabrics and trims – proving that it is entirely possible to be planet-friendly AND stylish! I have many more ideas and plans for DEED bags than hours in the day – so please do follow me on Instagram if you’d like to be part of my journey!