There’s nothing I love more than connecting with the children I write for, and to support them and their teachers at all stages of the literacy journey.

emma bowd

I’m excited to offer the following Author Talks to ELCs/Preschools, Primary Schools and Educators, which can be booked by clicking here: Booked Out Speakers Agency

  • Wonderful Shoes – Interactive Storytime: My ELC-Preschool-Prep presentation involves a fun, interactive story reading of Wonderful Shoes with my wonderful basket of shoes; discussions of themes and text connections; and a guided craft activity (where we make storytelling spoons which can be used as an ongoing resource in the classroom).
  • Wonderful Words – How to Make Your Sentences Sizzle and Your Stories Sing: My Yr 1 – Yr 6 presentation involves a behind-the-scenes tour of the literary devices used in Wonderful Shoes to demonstrate how wonderful words can be used to make sentences sizzle and stories sing. Students are then encouraged to write story extensions and/or their own poems. This workshop is for short-form narrative writing and rhyming poetry, and can be tailored to any year level.
  • How to Write a Page-Turner: My Middle-to-Upper Primary school presentation is geared to giving students the confidence and skills to write a page-turning story. I particularly enjoy taking reluctant writers through the whole story writing process, and showing how ideas are everywhere and a great story is always on the tip of your tongue. This workshop is for longer-form narrative writing and rhyming poetry, and can be tailored to any year level.
  • Quality Picture Books as Essential Early Education Tools: My Educator presentation is aimed at graduate teachers, Early Childhood teachers, Primary School teachers and library staff. I love sharing my passion for quality picture books and how they can be used in the Early Years classroom, with both my author and Occupational Therapist hats on. Participants are provided with comprehensive handouts, including instruction sheets on how to make story spoons to dovetail with Wonderful Shoes. This talk can also be tailored to the Primary School classroom.