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Author Emma BowdBy 2003 I was firmly bitten by the creative writing bug, and I embarked upon an impossible dream to write a novel about something I felt quite passionately about: the modern woman’s seismic transition from career-girl to first-time mum and parent. Several house moves, two babies and one amazing editor later…

The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy was published by Bloomsbury, UK, in 2009 (Allen & Unwin, Aust). For the Kindle Edition please click here.

The story subtly touches upon many important feminist issues within a fast-paced, light narrative which I hoped to be accessible to all time-poor women to read. (I’ve even had some positive comments from dads who have read the book, too!) There’s a sprinkling of shoe-love interspersed in the plot that will please shoe-lovers; and may even convert the non-shoe princesses among us.

Please see Press & Reader Reviews for the lovely reception that The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy has received from many different readers around the world. And over on my About Me Q&A  page you can read more about my experience of writing this novel.

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During the promotional period for the novel, I also had a lot of fun writing The Shoe Princess Blog as my alter ego (and a main character from the novel).