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By 2003 I was firmly bitten by the creative writing bug, and I embarked upon a dream to write a novel about something I felt quite passionately about: the modern woman’s seismic transition from career-girl to first-time mum and parent, coupled with a love of shoes. Several house moves, two babies and one amazing editor later…

The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy was published by Bloomsbury, UK, in 2009. For the Kindle Edition please click here.

To purchase one of a handful of author-signed copies of the book please click here. (I’m happy to write a personalised message – and the books are also gift-wrapped when posted).

The story subtly touches upon many important feminist issues within a fast-paced, light narrative which I hoped to be accessible to all time-poor women to read. (I’ve even had some positive comments from dads who have read the book, too!) There’s a sprinkling of shoe-love interspersed in the plot that will please shoe-lovers; and may even convert the non-shoe princesses among us.

Please see Press & Reader Reviews for the lovely reception that The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy has received from many different readers around the world. During the promotional period for the novel, I also had a lot of fun writing The Shoe Princess Blog as my alter ego (and a main character from the novel).

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